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Some tips for leaving comments on blogs:

1. Compliment the blogger
2. Ask the blogger a question
3. Share something interesting about the topic
4. Share the link to your blog
5. Do not share personal information ie: your last name, your address, your phone number, your school, etc.
6.Proofread before hitting “Send”

Grade 6/5 Blog (2012-13):

Grade 6 Blog (2011-12):

Grade 5 Blog (2011-12):

Grade 4 Blog (2011-12):

Blogs we read and comment on:

Miss McCart’s Class:

Mrs. Huebner’s Grade 5 Class, Iowa USA:

Mrs. Grayson’s Grade 4 Class, USA:

Mr. Chamberlain’s Grade 6 Class, USA:

Grade 6, Surrey, BC, Canada:

Mrs. Stakey’s Grade 6 Class, USA:

Ms. Robert’s Grade 2 Class, USA:

Chris Pecora Makes stuff (Miss Pecora’s brother’s website):

Plello (Miss Pecora’s brother’s blog):

Wall Wisher:

6/5 “What We Learned This Week Wall”:

Grade 6 “Democracy Wall”:

Today’s Meet:


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