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National Geographic – Kids:



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  1. Jordy says:

    Hi Miss P,
    Im Jordy from 6ML, our main blog has plenty of Endangered Species Links. They’re very useful to my class mates and I, as we have an “Endangered Species Project”. Heres the link if you’d like to look at some: also check my blog We enjoy learning about Endangered Species. Do you?
    I live in Victoria, Australia 🙂
    Bye for now -Jordy

    • missp06 says:

      Thanks, Jordy! I’ve put your blog links on our list of “blogs we comment on here”: . We will hopefully get some time next week to comment.
      It’s wonderful to “meet” you. I have been to Australia and visited Moree and Sydney. Do you know wehre Moree is? It’s a pretty small town north of Sydney. Have you ever been to Canada?
      I’m looking forward to reading and commenting on your blog!
      -Miss P
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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