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How hazardous was it to live and fight in the trenches of the First World War?
After reading the story, make a list of the types of dangers that soldiers faced
while fighting in the trenches.


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Some tips for leaving comments on blogs
1. Compliment the blogger
2. Ask the blogger a question
3. Share something interesting about the topic
4. Share the link to your blog
5. Do not share personal information ie: your last name, your address, your phone number, your school, etc.
6.Proofread before hitting “Send”


Coniferous Trees:

Deciduous Trees:

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Here’s a website with some activities and games for you to play to brush up on your patrolling skills!

If your parents have Facebook, they can “Like” the AMA School Safety Patrol page:
An interesting fact found on that page:
-Did you know there are 21 astronauts who were patrollers?

None as of now!

Upcoming Events:
Patroller Training on September 12.

science 5 [wetland ecosystems] (click maybe later) (click wild wetlands)


frogskin u

science 5 [electricity and magnetism]

Explains and shows how a battery works.

Great interactive site working with magnets and electrical currents. Students figure what they need to pick up a certain amount of paper clips.

Great demonstration of how a motor works.Very good visuals. Good to do with whole group.

Interactive information game that allows students to see how much energy they can save

Good site to learn all about circuits, some what interactive and can be used as a whole class learning tool.

Good site to teach and and review electricity and how to use to safely

This activity is designed to introduce pupils to the idea that some everyday objects need electricity to work.It is an interactive site for smart board.

Good site that discusses electrical conductors includes online quizzes and videos.

Good site that discusses electrical  circuits includes quizzes and videos.

A great game/interactive site for students to learn about electrical concepts

A game like Jeopardy that asks variety of science related questions not necessarily about electricity

Great site for electrical circuit concepts lots of diagrams and activities

Build and test your own electrical circuit with Cleo in circuit world. Great site.

Click on the bottom for specific topics.

A sequencing game that allows students to figure out orders of different objects to make an electrical current flow

A video showing how to do/make parallel circuits


criteria for formatting a blog post

Criteria for Formatting a Blog

Created March 5, 2013 by 6/5



*NEW* Unifix Cube Drums

Scratch Simulator

One Man Band



social 5 – outstanding Canadian immigrants

Immigrants of Distinction Award Recipients:

Read a few of these stories about these outstanding people!

Go back and re-read one of the stories that jumped out at you and respond to these questions that we will discuss as a class later:

1. How has this person’s way of life changed?
e.g., new job, increased access to medical services or education

2. What challenges or hardships has s/he experienced?
e.g., new language, different foods, unfamiliar customs, loneliness

3. What contributions has s/he made to the new community?
e.g., special skills, cultural traditions, beliefs.

4. How had the community changed because of this person?
e.g., increased diversity, exposure to new cultural traditions, foods, clothing styles, languages?

Questions adapted from a Learn Alberta Critical Challenge:

critical thinking questions

critical thinking

Found at: