Money Metropolis (the one in the middle). You can try the other games, too, but this one is geared toward your age group.

Mad Money


Canada’s Food Guide (zoom in to see the image better)

Eat Well and Be Active Toolkit

Tips to Get Active (scroll down a bit once you’ve opened the link)


How to Login to Destiny

How to log in to Destiny:


2) Go to Login button in far right corner and enter your CSSD username and password.

3) Explore the Library!


SpellUp! You need speakers and a device with a microphone.

Below are Spelling Lists created by Mrs. Mclean that are subject specific. Click to learn the words, play games, and engage in other activities to help you learn to spell them correctly every time!

All the Lists

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Ancient Athens

Trees and Forests
Sky Science
Evidence & Investigation

Number (Unit 2)
Angles (Unit 4)

Language Arts:

Other Activities (not created by Mrs. Mclean):
Choose a spelling list and play games to practice your spelling skills
Root Word Practice (“port”)

mclean’s book picks

My Good Reads Shelves, click here.

These are books that I recommend because I have read them (and loved them); other students have read them (and loved them); and/or they sound like books that I would like to read (and, hopefully, love them).

On the left hand side I have created “Shelves” so that you can narrow your search based on a certain genre.

If you have a book that you think should be on a “Shelf”, let me know and I’ll add it. You never know who may be inspired to read it next!

Here’s a list of Best Books for 11-Year Olds and some Popular Teen Non-Fiction books.
If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you might enjoy these titles too.

hana’s suitcase


Interactive Site:

christmas sites

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas Infographics:

Nativity Story:
Use these four scenes to tell the nativity story. Drag and drop the characters in the scenes and then add your text. You can print the story out when you are done:

Christmas Story:
Read or arrange the Christmas Story, play the Question Game, Make a Picture, and more in this interactive whiteboard activity:

Make a Magi:

Light Up The Christmas Tree:
Light up the Christmas tree by connecting all the lights and wires to the electrical source. You can rotate the wires and the bulbs by clicking on them:

Real Trees 4 Kids:
This project, sponsored by the National Christmas Tree Association, offers facts, figures, charts, activities and games about growing and harvesting real Christmas trees:

Star Drawer:
Use control commands to guide the pen to draw a star shape. Use forward moves and turns to solve this tricky challenge:

Snowflake Subtraction:
Different levels of subtraction skills can be practised to stop the snowflakes falling on Santa and his sleigh: 

Santa Addition:
Perform quick mental addition to help Santa and Rudolph. Includes a fun reward game after 10 correct calculations. There are 4 different levels:

Christmas Symmetry Game:
See if you can match the baubles on the Christmas tree in perfect symmetry:

Picture Perfect:
Look at each pair of images. You need to find the five differences as quickly as you can. The quicker you go, the more points you get. When you find all five, you will get a new set of images:

Christmas Tree Maker:
Use the shapes and tools to create a Christmas tree. The various tools will enlarge, rotate, duplicate (the wand). You could also use shapes to create repeating patterns, compound shapes or tangrams using colour size and rotation changes:

Christmas Sudoku:
In this Christmas-themed Sudoku, you’ll be using Christmas images: stockings, presents, Gingerbread men and more:

Christmas Lights:
The more math problems you solve correctly, choosing from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, the more lights you will be given to decorate your house:

Make a Flake: Use the scissors to cut and create a snowflake online. A tip – use the circles on the scissors to guide your selection, not the scissors themselves:




Friendship Stories



georgia simmerling – GO CANADA GO!


What is an Infographic?:


How to Plan and Create an Infographic:
1) Research the facts and statistics (make sure they’re correct and current!). Remember your references!
2) Decide the best way to show this information (i.e.: graph; venn diagram; timeline; etc)
3) Design your colour scheme. Whatever graphics you choose should have to do with your topic.
Modified from:

Now get started on Infogram: